CodeSpells is a game about being a wizard and crafting magical spells. Why is ThoughtSTEM building a game about wizards and magic you ask? Because the player crafts magical spells using code.

We recently released a multiplayer version of CodeSpells where players can challenge each other to magical wizard soccer. Here's a teaser:

Honestly, you should leave this site now and go play the game. It'll be a lot more fun than reading this post about the game.

Seriously, get out of here and play it. You can get it on Steam.


Well, it looks like you're still here...

I coded the first version of CodeSpells in 2012. It sucked. Crappy graphics. Crappy gameplay. And a crappy in-game Java IDE. It also had creepy aliens for some reason:

For some reason the press loved it. I really don't know why we got so much coverage. Maybe the creepy aliens had something to do with it?

Actually, I do know why. It was because it was "science". I was a gradaute student and I wrote science papers about CodeSpells. Stuff from scientific journals always seems to find its way into mainstream news -- especially when it deals with mainstream topics like video games.

Anyway, I hated this prototype. I always felt that I could do better. Looking back at it reminds me of a time when I was a less talented game designer.

I'm happy to say all that's left of this prototype are some screenshots, some old news articles, and some research papers.

In 2014, I launched a kickstarter to build a new version. I asked for $50,000. We got $164,014 -- enough to fund the project for about two years.

CodeSpells has been in a playable state on Steam Early Access for much of that time. As a business person, my philosophy is to release products ASAP and iterate. Having a real community helps inform how to design games.

Our alpha and beta testers have written thousands of spells, all of which are available in-game. If you so desired, you could write spells and publish them for other users too. Sounds fun right? It almost makes me wonder why you're still here.

Did I mention you should get out of here and go buy it? You could be a wizard with just a few clicks...

By the way, I was kidding back there when I said I don't like you. Thanks for reading.

Learn more about the current state of CodeSpells by visiting the official website or the Steam page.