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Lately, I've become obsessed with the idea of designing, and one day building, a modular, easy-to-relocate tiny house.

Why would you want to live in a tiny house?

  • It would be an incredibly affordable way to live! Anyone who knows me knows I'm pretty stingy with my money. Here in San Diego, housing prices are excessive and homelessness is rampant. Tiny houses seem like such a great solution for this area. I imagine that over my lifetime, I could have a lot of fun with an extra ~$500k + ~$200k in interest paid on a mortgage.
  • I feel like simple living might be the most meaningful way to live. Having fewer posessions allows us to focus on what matters: friends, family, community, hobbies, passions. Less clutter in your house, less clutter in your head. I've been experimenting with this idea lately (check out my next blog post...)
  • I love the idea of being able to pick up my house and move states whenever I want. Not that I necessarily want to "cut and run", but wouldn't it be awesome to take your house with you on vacation? And if and when I do leave San Diego, how gorgeously simple would it be to just pick up my house and go.

I've started to imagine what a perfect tiny house would be like...

Traits of a perfect tiny house.

There are SO MANY different kinds of tiny houses out there... Just a short perusal of Google and you'll see hundreds of unique tiny houses, but here are some of the types that jump out to me:

  • Sits on a trailer bed: for mobility of course Tiny house on a trailer

  • Loft for the bed: significantly increases the "living" area of the rest of the house!

Tiny house on a trailer

  • Foldout table/desk: even more space savings! A tiny house would get cramped fast without foldout tables.

Tiny house on a trailer

  • Storage nooks: maximize all that "useless" spaces for storage! Checkout all this storage under the staircase.

Tiny house on a trailer

I hope to build a tiny house at some point in my life. A mortgage in San Diego is just not something I want to deal with, so rentals will have to do for now. In August/September, we have to move out of our current rental, and I'm seriously hoping we can find a house for rent with a garage so I have a place to start tinkering with the idea of building tiny houses...